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Eco Business Cards

Eco Business Cards

Green business cards have become very popular, due to the rising interest in ecology and the environment.  Just a few years ago, buying eco-friendly business products was very expensive; now, however, there are quite a few websites where eco-green offset printing is comparable in price to standard offset printing. Some of these sites are designed for larger businesses, and may not be a financially prudent option for the small business person.  Fortunately, there are also online businesses like Abet Printing that cater to small and large businesses alike. Your business can finally afford to “go green”!

Now that you’re considering environmentally conscious products, there are quite a few options that are worth researching. Many online printing sites will offer free shipping with a minimum purchase. While this is nice, check every website carefully, as there are some that don’t require a minimum purchase to ship free. Another thing to consider is the variety of styles, finishes and card stock options a website provides. 16 point stock is preferred for its durability. Do you prefer matte or glossy finishes? Do you want different card sizes and shapes? Are you a fan of rounded corners, or do you prefer traditional corners? These are some of the options you should focus on while shopping.

Once you have decided which options are desirable, and which are necessary, you will have the information to make the best choice. It goes without saying that shipping cost is an important factor for those who are only buying small quantities of product. There is no point in paying more for delivery than the product itself costs, even though it will be a tax deduction. Other things to consider include the printing company’s reliability and timely delivery of products. It can pay to do your homework.

Standard matte finished one color business cards average 12 cents per card. While ecologically sound products are about 50% more on average, the more people who choose this option, the faster materials prices will drop. Believe it or not, in some areas showing off your commitment to the environment is a status symbol, and can also increase sales. Additionally, green inks are soy based, rather than oil based. The card stock itself is generally made partially of recycled materials as well, which leads to less waste and cleaner landfills over time.  Soy based inks will last almost as long as oil based inks, and soybeans are a renewable resource.

Your business card is essential for promoting what you do as well as who you are. This being the case, making the extra investment and switching to eco-green business cards will add a new dimension to how your company is seen by the consumer. Being environmentally responsible is not only important; it has become part of most people’s everyday life. Showing your customers you are willing to pay extra to do the “right thing” can only enhance your corporate image. Check out companies like Abet Printing as part of your evolving corporate paradigm.

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Greeting Card Printing!

Greeting Card Printing

Greeting Card Printing 5 x 7 greeting cards help you keep in touch with customers and promote your business, products or services. Abet greeting card printing include envelopes and thick 14 pt card stock. Choose UV coating for high gloss and durability and Matte for a flat satin finish.

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