Environmentally friendly printing

The new trend making its way into our lives is quickly catching on. Many are jumping fast on the “go green” bandwagon. Several companies are cashing in. Printing companies are no exception.

Environmentally friendly printing is printing for the new age. Polls have shown that people the ages of eighteen to twenty nine are more likely to buy organic or environmentally friendly products and services than are other age groups. Therefore, these printing companies are making sure to appeal to this age group. In order to become more “organic,” the print companies are using more natural products including recycled paper and soy or vegetable oil based ink.

As part of the “green” movement, these print companies use soy based ink instead of traditional petroleum based ink. The original petroleum based inks have some drawbacks; they can cause short and long term health effects including releasing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that reduce indoor air quality. Ink derived from soy beans was originally developed for newspaper printing yet has been used for other products including business cards and product catalogs. The benefits of using soy or vegetable oil based ink are: this ink is environmentally friendly (some even release no VOCs into the air), paper printed using this ink can be easily deinked making it easier to recycle, and the colors tend to be brighter as well.

In addition, recycled paper being used more and more as people become concerned with helping to save the environment. Recycled paper goes through a process in order to be used again. It is first washed and deinked and then made into pulp. The pulp then goes through a bleaching process and it formed into paper by draining the water and cutting it into sheets for use once again. A key point to pay attention to when assessing recycled paper is the amount of post-consumer waste (PCW) contained in the paper. Post-Consumer Waste is paper that has already been used by consumers; this includes magazines and catalogs that may or may not have actually made it to the customer.

By using these materials, printing companies are being environmentally friendly while being consumer friendly at the same time. There are also companies taking additional measures in this “go green” trend. It is best to check with your specific company in order to know their policy and practices when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

The Benefits of Using ECO Printing Method

ECO printing is a relatively new concept. For those who are not aware of it, it is a printing method that uses soy oil-based ink instead of the traditional petroleum ink. Since petroleum ink is expensive and harmful if used in large amounts, people can now welcome soy ink printing to save the planet. It is an inevitable fact that people will continue to use paper in their lives. Many companies use it to produce paperwork while schools use it to administer learning and evaluation of students. The best way people can do to lessen their carbon footprint is to use a “good” ink to serve its purpose while not sacrificing the environment.

There are many reasons why people should love ECO printing. It is great and affordable too. Here are some of the many benefits that ECO printing brings to its users.

• The use of soy ink is harmless and even helpful to the environment. Since ECO printing uses ink that is made from organic materials, this means paper would not have so much harmful elements spread to the surroundings upon its disposal. Now companies can print 16pt card stock, business card, postcard, envelop, thick and heavy brochures plus rip tear off cards without any guilt.

• ECO printing is cheaper compared to using petroleum-based ink. This is an important benefit especially to printing businesses who use large amounts of ink in producing CD and DVD insert, booklet, folder, sleeve and jacket. Printing a digipak is also costly in ink since a lot is needed to produce a high quality product.

• Using soybeans for ink provides more accurate and amazing colors. Printers should not worry about the print quality of their products as ECO printing maintains great colors as if it was printed in petroleum-based ink. 

• One other benefit of using soy ink for paper products is that it’s recyclable. Many environmental advocates utilize soy ink in their operations for it is Earth-friendly when disposed. It is also easier to recycle paper that has been printed with soy ink since the ink is not made of harmful chemicals.

• Believe it or not, there are still companies who have genuine love for their surroundings. An example of this is Abet Printing which utilizes soy ink in their printing business. One additional benefit they give to their customers is the free shipping perk. Loving nature has been more enjoyable with this perk.

Everyone can make a change. Everyone can contribute to the wellness and improvement of the state of the environment. Contrary to public notion, people are not helpless when it comes to saving the environment. Through simple tasks people can accomplish their nature-saving goals by committing themselves to use and patronize products made from organic sources. This is just a small step but it can make a difference in the long run. ECO printing is gaining popularity mainly because it provides an easy avenue for people to use products without being guilty of its consequences. Likewise, small steps like changing to soy inks can have a big impact in rescuing the planet.