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NEW! Suede Business Cards with Raised Spot UV

Suede Business Cards with Raised Spot UV on Front only

Suede Business Cards with Raised Spot UV on Front only
Our Suede Raised Spot UV Cards feature smooth glossy raised areas that contrast beautifully with the Suede/Soft Touch Laminate foundation of the cards.
Raised Spot UV Height 50 Microns

Our customers are thrilled with all of the compliments they receive on their classy new cards.

Suede Raised Spot UV Cards are real game changers for folks who want to exude style, elegance and class.

Quality Custom Offset ECO Printing For Less!

The Earth is the only cradle of life which is why people should make conscious efforts to address its problems. Some of the most common environmental dilemmas that the planet face today include pollution and degradation of resources. Believe it or not, people can do small things in their own way to help lessen waste from the environment. For example, ECO printing is a great idea for people who uses a lot of paper. For those who don’t know about it yet, ECO printing uses soy oil-based inks instead of the petroleum-based ones.

"The client was most pleased with the quality of his cards; not to mention the fact that he received them with sufficient time before his trip! What appealed to me most as a designer was the coating that you used on your product as opposed to other commercial print sources in the local area. Yours has a slightly smoother and somewhat more satin finish, which I appreciate. Thank you for all company’s great service and product! I’ll be back for more!” —Alex Director of Design FIVE Communications Design Studio

The use of soy oil-based ink is gaining popularity nowadays because it’s an easy way to save the Earth. ECO printing lessens one’s carbon footprint by utilizing organic materials in producing the company business card, postcard, envelops, brochures, and other paper products. Normally, a company would use so much ink in printing office papers and letterheads for use in publicity materials. For those who utilize petroleum-based ink in their printers, this would translate to costly ink purchases in books. Another good thing about ECO printing is it is cheaper. Companies would have no problem in controlling their ink budget because soy oil ink is more affordable.

Aside from that, ECO printing is not just limited to office paperwork and marketing materials. The Abet Printing company also produces 16pt card stock, thick and heavy booklet for CD as well as DVD insert, rip tear off cards, and folder products. They also provide printing for the jacket and sleeve of CD or DVD as well as digipak printing. There are many reasons why many companies should follow suit in this new trend. Aside from saving resources and helping the environment, ECO printing saves cost and maintains quality products. Usually, saving money means scrimping out on the quality of materials which isn’t the same case with ECO printing. The company even offers free shipping as an added bonus to their customers.

"Hi, I got my silkcards today & they look great. Just wanted to say thank you for all of your help." —Amy Hutchins

In fact, not only companies are utilizing soy oil inks in the printing of their materials; NGOs as well use the organic alternative to produce their brochure. One example of this is the environmental advocacy group Greenpeace. They print their leaflets using the ECO printing method. As a result, they strike two birds with one stone. First, they inform their members of recent developments, existing programs as well as stance on certain environmental issues. Second, they do what they preach in the process. This is only one proof that ECO printing is not just a trend but a staying advocacy.

People can save their planet in any way they can, as long as they put effort into their actions. Simple things such as using soy oil ink in their printing needs is just one way to help the Earth. There are plenty more to be done. Ever since the technology had been upgraded, people fell trap to harsh environmental consequences as the tradeoff for a more comfortable life. While living conveniently is great, people should give back by protecting the environment as a way of saying thanks.